Ravi's Noddy Play School

About Us

With more than two decades of its existence, Ravi's Noddy Play School is among the pioneer play schools in Noida. It is most conveniently located in the posh residential area of Sector -50 in Noida. To ensure all round development of the child, our campus is being developed keeping in mind the needs of a play school and to provide every facility a child needs during his/her stay with us.

Our Aims

Ravi's Noddy Play School’s primary focus is learning through play and exploration. We encourage children to grow in confidence, self-esteem and independence.

We treat every child as an individual who has needs that should be met in an atmosphere that brings up the best in him. We nurture every child's social and emotional skills and develop their qualities to their maximum potential.

We ensure that your child feels safe and secure in our care, to enable him to explore and learn.

President's Message

A child starts learning the day she/he is born. First five years of a child are most formative years and the best learning period as well. The young minds in our school gets best environment for the inquisitive minds for enhanced learning with focus being on all round development of the child.

At Ravi’s Noddy Play School, we provide the right environment to the child that enables her/him to learn while playing. We also ensure that the child gets a safe, secure, hygienic, and enriching atmosphere in the school.

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