Ravi's Noddy Play School


» Our academic session starts in April and ends in March every year.

» Children are required to come to School in the prescribed uniform.

» The school remains closed on all gazetted holidays and all other holidays
are informed well in advance through e-mail & monthly calendars of the

Uniform and Appearance

» School has prescribed summer and winter uniforms which is provided by the school.

» Children should be sent to the school in proper, clean and tidy uniform on all the school days.

» Every child should come to the school wearing ID Card given by the school.


» Child-Teacher-Parent-Meeting is held once a month. It is mandatory for parents to attend the Child-Teacher-Parent-Meeting. No person other than the parent will be allowed to attend the CTPM.

» Parents are expected to see the Almanac regularly and discuss the remarks of the teachers about the child with the class teacher.


Summer Timings:-

» Monday to Friday: 9 am to 12 noon

Winter Timings:-

» Monday to Friday: 9.30 am to 12.30 pm


Leave/Absence from the school:-

» If the child remains absent from the school for more than three days, the application addressed to the Principal giving reasons for the absence be sent to the school.

» Any long leave or absence due to medical reasons or any other reasons should be personally reported to the Principal.

» In case the child is not coming to the school for any reasons, the class teacher or front desk in-charge or Principal should be informed telephonically. This is a mandatory requirement for the children using school transport.